The Art of Packing Furniture


In all honesty, the most difficult possessions of yours to pack, relocate and transport are your furniture. The reason is because they are big, they are difficult to move through, they are very difficult to secure and fully protect from damage and they take a lot of time for their care, their packing and pretty much everything else you need to tend to for them in terms of the removal process. What you have to do in general with furniture is to attempt to find the easiest manner of individually transporting them from the old living place to your new one. (more…)

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Importance of Custom Made Office Furniture

Custom made furniture is one which is designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications. As this furniture is made to order, individual tastes and preferences are given importance to create a more personal working environment.

furniture stores dc 382463695 448 300x199 Importance of Custom Made Office FurnitureWhen we decide to buy furniture, many of us take a look into the different furniture shops and select the best which will suit our need. However, some of us would not be satisfied with furniture available in the stores. Even though there are many different virtual and traditional stores featuring international brands, sometimes we may feel that the right furniture we deserve is missing, sometimes we may feel that the curves in the desk are not good and at times we may not be satisfied with the color or the size. To help us overcome this situation is the custom made furniture. Custom made office furniture has many advantages than the readymade furniture available in the market.


Advantages of Custom Made Office Furniture

As custom made furniture is made to orders, only one piece is made and it cannot be duplicated in the market and will stand out of the rest of the furniture. This gives a unique style to the office and serves as a means to communicate the nature of the business to clients. For instance, if a company logo or company name is carved in the furniture then it will definitely stand as an attraction. Secondly as they are made to orders, a carpenter would spend additional time and would put extra effort to finish the furniture. This assures the quality and durability of the furniture, unlike the readymade furniture which is made from cheap wood.

Uniformity is another advantage of custom made office furniture. When the office space is big, furnishing it uniformly becomes more important. This is impossible with mass produced furniture as there are only few pieces in each designs, but in custom made furniture it can be ensured that the all the rooms are furnished uniformly.

Utility is next best advantage of custom made furniture. It utilizes the office space effectively and covers every hook and corner of the office space. In places where large tables cannot be fitted a custom made corner table or side table can exactly fit in and will allow using the space effectively. As this furniture is made to customer specifications the features can be dictated. For instance, in some tables or desks there may be the need for some extra drawers and cabinets and other desks may not require the same, so a made to order furniture set will serve the purpose specifically. Personal working space is possible with the custom made furniture. The material to be used, size and color can be decided by the customer himself. Even though custom made furniture is costly it is worth an investment.

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Furniture Stores DC – Changes In Your Home Furniture Options

Some changes in the furniture options available at washington dc furniture stores are that furniture designs today are simple and asymmetrical in addition to being sophisticated and symmetrical like earlier. Furniture construction today focuses more on furniture mobility, functionality, versatility, comfort and space conservation than on style and form. Vibrant colors and patterns are the norm. Personal appeal is more important that following trends while buying furniture.

The right kind of furniture from any of the furniture stores DCcan transform your house into a home. That is why people spend a considerable amount of time in choosing the perfect furniture for their homes. No doubt there are many furniture options available in market today that range from different compositions to myriad constructions that can truly leave a customer spoilt for choice. However, the current furniture options are quite different from that available earlier. Here is a look at the changes in the home furniture options available today.

Changes in the Furniture Options Available Today

furniture stores dc washington dc furniture store 02 300x173 Furniture Stores DC   Changes In Your Home Furniture OptionsThe modern furniture option includes a whole gamut of compositions, constructions, palettes and patterns that can leave the customer totally confounded when it comes to choosing the best one. Unlike earlier, where much of the furniture was made from wood that is truly timeless in appeal, today furniture pieces are also available in metal and plastic that makes them handier and increases their durability.

Even the way furniture is crafted nowadays differs from the earlier designs. Previously, much importance was given to sophisticated designs that were more often than not symmetrical. Today, manufacturers have also dared to create furniture in designs that are simple and asymmetrical and yet are just as aesthetic as the former ones. The focus of furniture construction nowadays is comfort, space conservation, functionality, mobility and versatility over style and form which was not the case a few decades ago. This is because unlike in the past, today most homes are small apartments where furniture multi-functionality plays an important role in allowing some free space in the residence.

As for the furniture palettes, old types of furniture were always created in sober colors that tended to be bold and neutral. On the contrary, today furniture is made in the brightest of the hues with some eye-catching combinations and quirky patterns that range from being natural to geometric and abstract that is sure to cause a drastic makeover in the room appearance.

Earlier people laid stress on only buying furniture items that were in trend. Today, current furniture fashion does not seem to be as vital as personal appeal, need and space availability. People want their furniture to act as an extension of their personality rather than wanting to join the herd.

To sum up, change is not bad they say, and so it is in the case of the alterations in the furniture options available. Avail of the modern furniture options from and do up your home in a manner that reflects your tastes best.

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Use Ergonomic Office Home Furniture to Stay Away From Postural Problems

Ergonomic office furniture is the blend of science and carpentry skills to give the worker an ideal body zone to eliminate all postural problems. Ergonomic office furniture gives utmost comfort to the workers by giving adjustable height and width settings.

furniture stores dc Enjoy11 580x400 300x206 Use Ergonomic Office Home Furniture to Stay Away From Postural Problems Employers of today are more people oriented and the work culture is designed to give all the possible advantages to the employee. Employee welfare is given prime importance and this depicts in the work environment and the office setup. As people are increasingly spending their time in office than in home, employers give their best to make them comfortable one such is the use of ergonomic furniture. Most of the work in office demands the employees to sit for a long time and hence they are highly prone to the risk of neck and back injuries. Ergonomic furniture is designed scientifically understanding the anatomy of the human body to avoid all stress related injuries. The special feature of ergonomic furniture is the flexibility to adjust the length, foot rests and other parts. The different types of ergonomic furniture for home and office use are explained in this article.

Types of Ergonomic Furniture

The most common type of ergonomic office furniture is the desks. Desks in office pay a vital role and acts as a surface to hold all the important products. Ergonomic desks come with fully adjustable workstation in terms of height. An ergonomic desk can be used both as the sitting and standing posture. Work surface area or the work station is maximized to accommodate all the needed materials in an arm’s length.  Computers can also be placed in these desks with the special mount on it. It has hollow legs and allows the wires to pass through them easily. There are also some modular pieces which can be constructed in different models.

Chairs are the next important ergonomic furniture collections. An ergonomic chair will not cause back pain even after sitting on the chair for long hours. Seats, armrests, backrests, footrests, and lumbar rests can be adjusted to fit in each person’s needs. Thus the ergonomic office or home chair rests all the important regions like neck, back and arms.

Monitor risers and keyboard treys are next important part of ergonomic office home furniture. Not only in office but today children and even adults spend lot of time with computer so these ergonomic furniture sets are important both in home and office. Ergonomic monitor risers allow us to place the monitor in correct posture so that head and neck are in proper alignment with the monitor.  Ergonomic keyboard rests are also adjustable so that misalignment of hands, wrists, arms and shoulders are avoided. These keyboard treys also have a place for mouse so that it has a perfect alignment. These computer accessories make sure that the hand and fingers fit at a correct angle and reduce pressure and eye strains.

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Furniture Stores DC Area

furniture stores dc FURNITURE STORES DC Furniture Stores DC AreaAtlantic Bedding and Furniture

14512 Lee Road #LMN, Chantilly, VA 20151 703-887-7666

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1807 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 (202) 797-5544


3303 Cadys Aly NW, Washington, DC 20007 (202) 338-0193 (more…)

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Planning to Buy Furniture? – Get it Online

Buying furniture can be a daunting task, not if you are doing it online. It is economical, offers far more varieties and saves you both time and money. It is also convenient and is less tedious. People in rural areas find online method a boon.

One compelling reason to get your furniture online is the sweet deals you are doled out. Furniture found online can be had at good rebates and are far cheaper than the ones found at traditional brick and mortar stores. Also they offer other goodies like discount coupons, free delivery, free set up etc that makes the deal even sweeter.

furniture stores dc How To Buy Furniture Online 300x234 Planning to Buy Furniture? – Get it OnlineWhen you shop online for furniture, you can visit as many online providers as you wish. This means that your choice is unlimited. You need not be restricted to the variety that is available only at the particular store. This means you get the piece that you really want. For example, if you are furnishing your bedroom, you get to sort through numerous beds that are available in the market, making your choice an exact one matching your tastes. When you are searching for rare to find pieces like antique furniture, online purchase makes even more sense. Your local store would not be able to; most often get you such pieces that you really want. This also applies to unique designs or styles that are hard to find at your local store.

Brick and mortar stores are not open when you want them to. During any time you can access the site at your convenience. This means you do not have to allot specific time apart for your furniture shopping. You can also access the site from anywhere. Running around town to hunt for your favorite furniture piece is most often not a very pleasant experience. Sometimes after all this running around also you do not get the exact piece you want.

You get to save on time you spend in getting around stores. It would take only a fraction of time to browse through multiple sites compared to the time you spend in stores. Sometimes even hunting down these stores is a big effort. If you are in a non-urban locality, finding such stores can be really difficult. Your choice of stores also would be very limited. Only in very big cities you would find very many stores. Yet another compelling reason to go online.

Online mode is not only time-saving but also money saving. The amount you spend on travelling to and fro between stores can be a stretch, especially if you are visiting a multitude of stores. So next time you are planning to buy furniture, you know how to.

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