Restoring Office Furniture

Office furniture needs regular maintenance as they are being used constantly.  It has to be cleaned on a regular interval and touch ups has to be done very often.

furniture stores dc 10753660 ch workspace gdb 300x225 Restoring Office FurnitureOffice furniture is subject to abuse from employees who slam the doors and drawers.  They leave ink marks and stamp prints on the desktop of wooden surfaces.  Sometimes, bugs accumulate as a result of spilling food and beverages.  The wear and tear of office furniture is higher than personal furniture.  However, it can be minimized to a great extent by keeping the furniture spic and span by cleaning at regular intervals.  It can prove to be very expensive if the furniture has to be replaced.  The furniture can be restored to get a new look and appearance with some minor maintenance and hardware replacements before you could purchase a new one.  Typically, these exercises can be carried out during weekends.

Some of measures which could be taken of include the following:

  • Repair the dents and cracks and repaint the furniture.  While repainting the furniture different color can be opted as this will give a complete new life to the old furniture.  Nowadays water proof and stain proof paints are available which can help in low maintenance.
  • Hardware of the office furniture can be replaced for smooth functionality.  Broken glasses can be replaced. Screws and broken handles can be replaced.  Also, the drawer channels can be cleaned and greased for smoothness.
  • Varnishing is a very good option for old wooden furniture.  It gives a great shine to the old furniture and can give back the original glory.
  • If the office furniture is made of metal, then the accumulated rust needs to be taken away before repainting the furniture.  The dents in the metal can also be removed with special instruments to give a new look to the furniture.
  • The file cabinets also can be repaired irrespective of whether made in wood or metal.
  • New locks can be fitted to the doors, drawers and the cabinets to arrest security issues.

Restoring furniture is not a very difficult task in today’s world.  There are lots of options available.  Almost all spare parts are available in the market.  If budget is a constraint then restoring the office furniture is the best option. Also, you can re arrange the furniture and put the furniture to different use.  What may not serve the purpose at one place may be of great help when placed in a different location.  Unless the furniture is totally damaged or out-dated, it is better to reuse, relocate or restore the existing furniture.