Selecting Office Furniture? – Choose Ones That are Easy On the Body

While choosing office furniture, take care to have ergonomic pieces. Working desks and chairs should allow for easy working positions so that strain is reduced on the body. Since health of workers is of paramount importance, take care to choose ones that are easy to work on.

furniture stores dc Photo images of office furniture and office supplies 300x216 Selecting Office Furniture? – Choose Ones That are Easy On the BodyAn ergonomic chair should have height adjustment that would allow you to comfortably sit with knees at 90 degrees angle parallel to hips and feet flat on the floor. Armrests should support the arms so that the shoulders rest comfortably while you are working. If you are in a job that entails a lot of typing, then this factor is very important. The armrests should have height adjustment and the right position that would accommodate different activities and users. The backrest of the chair should support the natural curve of your spine, giving support to the lower back region. The backrest should be positioned high enough so that it supports the shoulder and neck region that would allow flexibility and enough movement for reaching tasks while one is sitting. Some chairs would provide for a reclined sitting with recline function in the backrest. This is when the hip to back angle will be greater than 90 degrees. The seat itself should provide very good support to your buttocks and hips. The seat depth in measurement should be 2 to 4 inches from back of the knees. The headrest should be such that it allows proper support of your head while you are reclining in the chair. This is particularly useful if you spend most part of the day in a reclined position in your chair, while talking on the phone for instance.

While choosing the right ergonomic chair, consider the nature of your functions that you will be carrying out. Factors to consider are things like whether you will be speaking on the phone more often or whether you need access to different things on your desk or whether you will be on the computer sitting still for most part. Draw out such a list and compare them to the features of ergonomic chairs on offer. This will help you to choose better ergonomic furniture.

After the chair, your workstation is the next important aspect in your selection of ergonomic furniture. Keep your computer monitor between 50 to 100 centimeters from your face. This will help reduce the eye strain. Adjust the monitor so that the center of the monitor sits at eye level. Place keyboard in such a way that your upper arms are hanging vertically. Place mouse near the keyboard. Arrange all your often used items like writing equipment within easy sight and reach.